Why You Need to End That Toxic Relationship Today

It’s been dragging on for far too long. One of you is content, the other is miserable.  The latter is you. You’re not sure how much more of this pretend life you can live. This relationship was over a long time ago. Your partner thinks life is grand. Work, home, eat, watch TV, go to bed, maybe have sex, maybe not. Who cares? They don’t. You walk around like an emotionally void zombie, smiling on demand. Playing happy wife (husband) when you have to. When does it end? Can it? Will it? Should it? Read on to find out what happens when you finally end that toxic relationship.


Many of us stay in loveless relationships because leaving is hard and scary.

I was that person. The unhappy one. I stayed for many reasons.

  • I had nothing else
  • I had nowhere else to go
  • I convinced myself it wasn’t that bad (others had it WAY worse than me!)
  • I’m just being ungrateful for everything I do have
  • How is he going to be able to live without me

Things were bound to get better

Oh I had a list of reasons longer than my arm as to why I should stay. I fought to hold on for longer than I should have because I was sure things were going to get better. We had a fight, we talked about it after, he said sorry. “Babe I love you, sorry, it’s just that….” <insert excuse of the week. After a really bad fight I’d have to write out an email or letter so he would really get it. Pour out my soul. But he always said sorry and I love you. That means things can only get better, right? I held onto hope.  I mean, they couldn’t get worse, could they?

It’s time

Then one day, it was just time. I couldn’t do it any more. It was building up. 6 months of build up. Actually it was longer, maybe 2 years of build up. By the time I was ready to leave, time meant nothing. It didn’t matter how long I’ve been enduring this life. All that mattered was that I was finally leaving it. A life of turmoil, insecurities, lies, volatile love and charades was coming to an end. I didn’t know what was going to be on the other side of this life for me. I was scared out of my fucking tree. That’s what I knew for sure.

Fear will freeze you and make you question your actions.

But I knew it was gonna be scary. It was time to face fear head on and just push. This relationship had to end. There was nothing left in it for me. It was pure poison. There was love. Some love. But too little, and certainly not enough to hang on to any more. He had some good, just not for me.

Much to my surprise….

And then I did it. I packed my stuff, what little I had, and left. I knew there wasn’t going to be any turning back, ever. And I felt this huge wave of relief wash over me. It was like a tsunami, really. Like a tsunami of emotions. I was sad, I was happy, I was angry, I was so fucking mad at him. Why couldn’t he change to suit me? Why couldn’t this work? Why did it have to be like this? I had nothing. Inside or out. I was empty, broke and had nothing to my name. No wait, I had two things, really..

Pride and self confidence take a huge step forward to cheer you on.

And then something else happened. Life opened up for me. Freedom. A freedom I have never known in my whole life. A freedom that called my name, loudly. It wasn’t just a whisper any more. Freedom was yelling at the top of its lungs.  “Iva, it’s about fucking time!” And I embraced life like I never have, ever before. And life was beautiful. And so was I. I wasn’t all those things I had been told for so many years. I was better than all that and I was about to prove all that to myself.

It’s all about me now

I get to do things I’ve always wanted to do and never did, right down to eating cereal for dinner and staying up late and sleeping in on the weekends. I also got to find out who I am. Who I really am. What my purpose and my passion is.  I answer to myself only, and God. I do the best I can with what I have and my best is to help mankind.

Spread love and joy and peace and happiness. That’s what life really is all about.

Bartender, please salt the rim and top it with a slice of lime.


Source http://amazingmemovement.com/end-that-toxic-relationship-now/?c=ACR

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