I am a dreamer, I dreamed so much that all my dreams got scattered and yes I got shattered but then I realised that it was only the things that really mattered.

I started observing things Minutely,
just because each mistake I did was so Costly
even though I did each and every thing very Honestly.

No one is perfect and I always wanted to do everything with a Logic,
And then my life would be nothing but just a Magic.

I always wanted to be out of reach of any man’s hands, but yes that too safely scheduled in a far away land.

I always dreamed of happiness and then it started becoming my weakness.

I always dreamed a life without any pain,
But I think those dreams kept me sane.

Life was always a bed of cloud, and yes!
I always wanted to make everyone Proud.

I always wanted my life to be like an Icy cream,
But then it was always just a dream.

My Life is a book and God is the Author,
But I keep wandering, is there anyone who really Bother ?

I wish I could say everything I thought ,
N could just share the feeling that I fought.

I always kept on trying and that too without lying,
But still for some or the other thing I was always dying.

Now, in present all I am here, but Love is the only thing that i Fear.

I wish to go to such a Place without leaving any chance for someone to discover my Space and where nobody can follow my trace,
wherein I can take along with me all my Secrets.

I always wanted to spread my Wings,
And I really wish that I could live all my Dreams.

I will definitely create a world,
which will be the world,
away from all the Threats,
Where I will delete all my regrets,
reserving all my happiness .

There will be a place in the world where I will stay alone,
And I will be proud to say that it is the creation of my Own.

Every moment and every age,
Every night and every day I will always be ME,
And I will make sure the same I would BE.

I leave to the Almighty, all the rest,
And yes! I will never ever stop trying my Best !

-Nikita Gore

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