6 Major Signs Your Partner Sees You As An Option, Not A Priority

6 Major Signs Your Partner Sees You As An Option, Not A Priority


In any kind of relationship, no one wants to believe that they might not be a priority to the other person as much as that person is a priority to them. If and when you reach such a realization, it is normal for you to want to ignore the signs or try and rationalize them.

Sticking around in the hope that the person will change how they treat you and make you their number one priority in life is an unhealthy illusion.

If your partner only makes you feel special on important occasions, such as Valentines Day and your birthday, and then miserable the rest of the year, you should be mindful of these 6 major signs that clearly show your place in their lives.

1. All Plans Are On Their Terms

When seeing each other, arrangements are usually made at the last minute. This might mean that your partner exhausts all other options before confirming any plans with you. For them, hanging out with you is something they do when there is no better alternative. As a result, you are likely to spend much of your time together indoors, with more adventurous activities being few and far between.

At the same time, they always want to know your plans, but rarely ever suggest things once you’ve told them. This is a way for them to know they have a safety net if all else fails.

2. You Feel Like You Are Not As Important To Them

They never take you as a ‘plus one’ to their important events or even to chill out with their friends. If you were a priority, you would be their go-to date for all events, from a simple night out with friends to their best friend’s wedding.

They always bail/cancel on things that mean a lot to you. For example, after committing to come to your important family event, they cancel unapologetically the night before. Only later do you find out that they spent all day at home playing games instead.

And they always forget dates and events that are important to you. Only you remember your anniversary, birthdays, or other important stories in your lives. Your partner never does the same for you.

Note that people always remember things that are important to them!!

3. You Make All The Effort And Moves

From the first move, to the first date, to defining the relationship, you are always the one making all the effort. If your partner takes forever to reply to your texts, they never organize any plans, and never call or text first, then you have cause to be alarmed.

Secondly, they only respond or reach out when they want something. They are otherwise too busy to get back to you, but give you major attitude if you don’t respond instantly to them – even when you are genuinely tied up with work.


4. Your Partner Treats You Horribly

You constantly find yourself in situations where you have to make excuses for them to your friends and family regarding how they treat or talk to you. It may be embarrassing, especially if in public, but choosing to defend their actions is choosing to accept their bad behavior.

They accuse you of being crazy whenever you stand up for yourself and speak out on your issues. This kind of emotional manipulation is a clear indication that your partner has no regard or respect for your feelings. No one should guilt you into taking mistreatment lying down. A partner who cares about you will take the time to try and understand where you are coming from and apologize.

5. You Feel Generally Unhappy And Misused

He or she makes you feel genuinely unhappy, insecure and misused. Around them, all your insecurities are heightened and you feel depressed.

Does seeing them no longer bring you joy or excitement? If the only time you, as partners, are not miserable during the year is on special days like holidays or birthdays, then that is a huge red flag.

You constantly feel taken advantage of. Trust your intuition and if you feel like you are always sacrificing your life and dreams for your partner, it is time to re-evaluate your relationship priorities.

Relationships are meant to be mutually beneficial and happy, even though disagreements every once in a while are perfectly normal.

6. They Are Constantly Lying

If you are always catching your partner in lies, however insignificant, this should be a major cause for concern. Moreover, if your partner is always acting suspiciously and secretively with their gadgets, they are probably hiding something.

Relationships should be founded on honesty and trust, and the minute you can’t trust your partner, you have to question whether your relationship is heading anywhere.

Are there any other signs that your partner treats you as an option and not a priority? Leave a comment and let us know.

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Can You Fix A One-Sided Relationship Or Should You End It?

Can You Fix A One-Sided Relationship Or Should You End It?


Do you feel like you are the one doing all of the work in your relationship? Do you only participate in activities that your partner wants to do? Does your partner take you for granted or hide you from important people?

One way relationships still consist of two people, except that in these partnerships only one person does the work. While you may be fully committed to your partner, it may not be enough to keep your relationship alive and thriving. If love is not being reciprocated, it is difficult to build a long-lasting relationship. If you are in a one-sided relationship, you may wonder if you should try to fix it or move on to someone else that might treat you better.

5 Signs You Are In A One-Sided Relationship

Sometimes you may know deep down that you are in a one-sided relationship, but admitting it to yourself and deciding what to do is the toughest part of it all. If it’s less clear in your mind that this is the situation you face, here are the signs that you are definitely involved in such an unbalanced relationship.

1. You Initiate Most Communication

You are the one that makes the phone calls, sends the text messages, and makes the effort to get together. If you don’t make the communication, you’ll go days without hearing anything. You can count on one hand the times that your partner initiated a conversation with you.

2. Your Partner Chooses His/Her Friends Over You

If your partner wants to go out with friends, he or she doesn’t invite you to come along. If you ask your partner to hang out with you and your friends, he or she rejects the offer. It seems as though your partner prefers his or her friends to you.

3. Your Partner Ignores Relationship Problems

You are the only one that tries to talk about the issues that you are experiencing together in your relationship. Your partner rolls their eyes and gets irritated with you for bringing it up again. He or she prefers to ignore the problems you are facing.

4. Your Partner Doesn’t Care About You

If you get the feeling that your partner doesn’t care about you, you are probably right. If you are in a one-sided relationship, your significant other does not care about making you happy. He or she doesn’t ask about your day or listen to your stories. Instead, the only thing you do talk about (when you actually talk) is your partner’s life.

5. You Constantly Worry The Relationship Is Falling Apart

You are stressed all of the time because you are worried that your relationship is about to be over. The worst part is that somehow you think it is your fault. You have tried to address the issues, but your partner just isn’t interested.

Can You Fix A One-Sided Relationship?

If you are determined to give it your all, you can try to fix a one-sided relationship. There is no magic formula, and it may not work at all. Sometimes the relationship cannot be fixed, and once you realize this, you will be able to leave knowing that there wasn’t anything you could do. Equality and respect are vital to all relationships, so unless you can get the balance that you need and deserve, your relationship might be doomed.

If you feel that you are in a one-sided relationship and want to fix it, try these strategies to determine if your relationship has a viable future.

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1. Find Out If Your Partner Is Willing To Change

You won’t be able to fix a one-sided relationship by yourself. Your partner will have to be an active participant. The first thing you need to ask yourself is “Is my partner willing to change?” If he or she is not willing, there isn’t much you can do. Before you spend all of your energy chasing this relationship, find out if it has a chance.

2. Sort Out Your Feelings

Before you can start to communicate effectively with your partner, you need to get a handle on how you really feel. How does being in a one-sided relationship make you feel? Are you frustrated, scared, sad, or anxious? Perhaps you are confused as to how you ended up in this situation. The more you can get in touch with your own feelings, the better you will be able to communicate effectively. Take some time to yourself to get all of your emotions sorted out first.

3. Communicate With Your Partner

Communication is the only way to fix a one-sided relationship, so you have to have the big talk with your partner. Without getting angry, carefully explain to your partner about what is going on and how you feel. If your significant other is committed to you, he or she will listen. If they are not interested in putting forth the effort, they will show little regard for your feelings.

4. Focus On One Problem At A Time

Stay focused on one issue at a time so that you avoid overwhelming your partner. You don’t want him/her to feel attacked. Stay specific and avoid bringing up past issues. Stay in the present. Even if your partner gets defensive and tries to bring up irrelevant issues, stay the course and avoid getting emotional. No one said this would be easy.

5. Focus On Yourself

Try to spend some time focusing on yourself. Growing your own life is the easiest way to fix a one-sided relationship. How long has your life been dominated by the whims of your partner? Break the cycle. What do you want out of life? What do you enjoy doing? Spend some time reflecting and building your own life – outside of your relationship.

Sometimes when you are in the middle of a relationship, it can be hard to see clearly. A successful relationship requires two people loving and caring for each other – not only one person. If your partner really does love you, he or she will take action to correct the behaviors that are making you unhappy. If you do not see a positive change, it is time to value yourself more than you value your relationship. Life is too short to be in a toxic relationship that drags you down. You are worth more than that.

Have you experienced a one-side relationship before? What one piece of advice would you offer to someone reading this who’s in one now? Leave a comment below with your pearls of wisdom.


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7 Signs You And Your Partner Are Incompatible

7 Signs You And Your Partner Are Incompatible


Have you ever wished that you could just know whether you and your partner are right for each other without having to spend (and sometimes waste) time finding out?

We all want to find our perfect match and live happily ever after, but what if the two of you are quite different in many ways?

For instance, my husband loves strawberry ice-cream, and I prefer chocolate. He loves action movies while I prefer drama. He hates exercise, and I love it. Are we destined for failure? Sometimes it feels that way.

All relationships are going to have problems from time to time. Some of those issues are serious, and others are just a fact of life. How do you know the difference between healthy issues and unhealthy issues?

If you have recently found yourself questioning whether your partner is really your soulmate, here are a few signs that the two of you may actually be incompatible.

1. The Future Looks Different

If your partner wants the white picket fence with kids running around in the backyard while you envision a life in the busy city, there may be long-term issues with your relationship. If you want marriage and your partner wants something more casual, your relationship may be over already without you even realizing it. There are certain aspects of your future that the two of you must align on if you want to stay happily together. You should agree on marriage, children, and a home base where you will settle. Other things such as vacations, hobbies, and preferred pets can probably be worked out.

When you close your eyes and picture what your future looks like, does it align with what your partner sees?

Incompatible goals in a relationship can be a sign of problems that cannot be overcome. It will ultimately come down to whether you can find a middle ground that you can both be happy with in the long run. If you do decide to compromise, make sure you are both completely behind it. Otherwise, there could be a blame game waiting for you in your future, and that will not end well.

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2. You’re Both Stubborn

Relationships can work with one stubborn person. However, when there are two stubborn people in a relationship, the outlook isn’t as good. Stubborn people tend to hold their ground no matter what – these are the people who do not apologize or admit they are wrong. Can you imagine what would happen when there is a disagreement between two stubborn people? You would both hold your ground and probably end up ending things just because you each refuse to admit any wrongdoing. (Not to mention that regular bickering is also a sign of incompatibility as we’ll discuss in just a minute.)

If you want to change your stubborn ways, start small. Think before you speak, and always put yourself in your partner’s shoes to see his or her viewpoint. Realize that sometimes you are going to be wrong, no matter how much you disagree. Also remember that sometimes it is easier to just agree to disagree instead of making every little thing into a big deal.

3. You’re not on the Same Intellectual Level

If you are a Harvard grad with three different degrees and your partner is a high school dropout, it might not work out as you’d hope. In the beginning, you may be able to overlook the differences and still have fun. Sometimes, in the initial stages of a relationship, you are blinded by love. However, after the initial honeymoon phase is over, there will probably be some big differences between the two of you that might prove difficult to overcome. The way you think is bound to be different based on the amount of education you each have had. Your professional lives will likely differ substantially, too.

There are exceptions to this rule so don’t immediately give up on a healthy relationship just because you are more or less educated than your partner. As long as you can engage in thoughtful and meaningful conversation and enjoy doing similar things, you will probably be able to make it work. Recognize the difference and make a decision based on what feels right for you.

4. Communication doesn’t Happen

Has communication failed? You don’t have a lot to say to each other anymore. You text instead of talk on the phone or sit down face-to-face. The two of you have fallen into a routine that looks more like a ninety-year-old couple. Does this sound familiar? While some communication breakdown is normal and expected, too much of it can be fatal for your relationship.

Let me explain. If you are no longer communicating well with your partner, your relationship is in a rut. If you want to get out of that rut, you’ll need to find new interests or challenges together. If you stay in a boring routine too long, your relationship will go stale and it will be difficult to salvage. Try to introduce a variety of different activities that the two of you can do together. Turn off all digital distractions and talk to each other! If your partner isn’t interested in making these changes, it is a sign that your relationship is not going to work out after all.

5. The Love Just Isn’t There Anymore

Does your heart beat a little faster when you see your mate? It probably used to, but over time it has faded a bit or gone away completely. The magic is gone. Sometimes people stay with partners whom they no longer love because it is comfortable. Change is tough, so they would rather just stick it out. The problem comes years later when their unhappiness is too much to live with. Those people end up resentful and miserable.

If you feel like the spark is gone in your relationship, try reconnecting again. Go on a date. Hold hands. Pretend that you just met. Do something different to mix it up. Try to remember the reasons you first fell in love. If it still doesn’t work, it might be time to reevaluate your relationship and move on.

6. Your Partner Spends More Time with Friends

If your partner is channeling more energy and time into someone or something other than you, it is a possible sign that they have lost interest in your relationship. There must be a time investment from both sides. If your partner isn’t making the time for you and regularly chooses friends or hobbies over you, your relationship may be doomed.

If you want to fix your relationship, you must have your partner set aside time for you frequently (preferably every day). Having a plan when you first try to resolve your issues shows that you are committed to working things out. If your partner isn’t interested, hit the road now. You are worth more.

7. Bicker, Bicker, Bicker

Arguing and bickering are things that all couples do. There is no way around it. The two of you are going to disagree from time to time, and sometimes that is ok. Some amount of arguing is considered healthy (although you shouldn’t consider arguments part of the desired communication mentioned above).

If the arguing ever turns abusive, it is time to make a quick exit. But if you are just bickering and want to stop, try calling a truce and see if you can hold it for a week. If the arguing is difficult to stop, you can always try couple’s therapy.

No matter how bad things get in your relationship, it can be difficult to realize when to call it quits. All relationships require hard work, lots of energy, and time. Sometimes, however, there are strong telltale signs that you and your partner are incompatible. When you recognize those signs, you can choose to end the relationship now instead of investing even more of your precious time trying to remain in a dead end relationship.


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I have outgrown many things.

I have outgrown many things.


“I have outgrown many things. I have outgrown relatives who gladly offer criticism but not support. I have outgrown my need to meet my family’s unrealistic expectations of me. I have outgrown women who wear masks and secretly rejoice at misfortunes. I have outgrown shrinking myself for men who are intimidated by my intelligence and outspoken nature. I have outgrown friends and family who cannot celebrate my accomplishments. I have outgrown people who conveniently disappear whenever life gets a little dark. I have outgrown those who take pleasure in gossiping and spreading negativity. I have outgrown dull, meaningless conversations that feel forced. I have outgrown those who don’t take a stand against ignorance and injustice. I have outgrown trying to please everyone. I have outgrown society constantly telling me I’m not beautiful, smart, or worthy enough. I have outgrown trying to fix every little flaw. I have outgrown my tendency to fill my mind with self-doubt and insecurity. I have outgrown trying to find reasons not to love myself. I have outgrown anything and anyone that does not enrich the essence of my soul. I have outgrown many things, and I’ve never felt freer.” — Chanda Kaushik

Thank you for loving me

Thank you for loving me

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Sometimes we need to stop and say “Thank you for loving me.” It is such a simple thing to say yet it carries so much weight, whether it is with a spouse while you both read your books or it’s with a friend who has been with you through thick and thin or it is to a family member who has loved you from the start. Those words, that thought, the action of saying it to them with purpose and truth can mean the world to them. Because after all, they mean enough for you to say “Thank you for loving me.”


Enjoy life.

Enjoy life.


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Sometimes you are unsatisfied with your life, while many people in this world are dreaming of living your life. A child on a farm sees a plane fly overhead and dreams of flying. But, a pilot on the plane sees the farmhouse and dreams of returning home. That’s life!! Enjoy yours… If wealth is the secret to happiness, then the rich should be dancing on the streets. But only poor kids do that. If power ensures security, then officials should walk unguarded. But those who live simply, sleep soundly. If beauty and fame bring ideal relationships, then celebrities should have the best marriages. Live simply. Walk humbly and love genuinely..!  All good will come back to you.
Dr. Ben Carson

Finding our way back.

Finding our way back.

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We never really get over devastating loss. In the thick of it, we almost stop breathing; sometimes even wishing we could. And we know deep within that we will never be the same. Yet, one day we feel the sun on our face again. We find ourselves smiling at a child or a joke or a memory. And at that moment, we realize we are finding our way back. Changed forever? Yes. But also softer, deeper, more vulnerable and more loving too. And we are breathing again.

Enough is enough.


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Just be smart enough to know when “enough is enough.” You can’t complain about somebody crossing the line if you fail to set the boundaries. You can’t complain about somebody wasting your time when you didn’t require them to earn it. Sometimes you just have to let go. Not everything is meant to be a “forever” kind of thing. You have to be honest with yourself even if it hurts. You can’t give people too many chances to make the same “mistakes.” Learn from it. Grow out of it. Be done with it.

100 of the wisest sayings.



1. Never take things personally.
2. Never end a relationship by text message
3. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.
4. Show up.
5. Always use “we” when referring to your home team or your government.
6. When entrusted with a secret, keep it.
7. Never cancel dinner plans by text message.
8. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
9. Don’t dumb it down.
10. You only get one chance to notice a new haircut.
11. If you’re staying more than one night, unpack.
12. Never park in front of a bar.
13. Expect the seat in front of you to recline. Prepare accordingly.
14. Keep a picture of your first fish, first car and first girl/boyfriend.
15. Hold your heroes to a high standard.
16. Don’t text and drive.
17. Never lie to your doctor.
18. All guns are loaded.
19. Don’t mention sunburns. Believe me, they know.
20. The best way to show thanks is to wear it. Even if it’s only once.
21. Take a vacation off of your cell phone, internet and TV once a year.
22. Don’t fill up on bread, no matter how good.
23. A handshake beats an autograph.
24. Don’t linger in the doorway. In or out.
25. If you do something, do it with passion or not at all.
26. If you want to know what makes you unique, sit for a caricature.
27. Never get your hair cut the day of a special event.
28. Be mindful of what comes between you and the Earth. Always buy good shoes, tires.
29. Never eat lunch at your desk if you can avoid it.
30. When you’re with new friends, don’t just talk about old friends.
31. Eat lunch with new kids.
32. When traveling, keep your wits about you.
33. It’s never too late for an apology.
34. Don’t pose with booze.
35. If you have the right of way. Take it.
36. You don’t get to choose your own nickname.
37. When you marry someone, remember you marry their entire family.
38. Never push someone off a dock.
39. Under no circumstances should you ask a woman if she is pregnant.
40. It’s not enough to be proud of your ancestry, live up to it.
41. Don’t make a scene.
42. When giving a thank you speech, short and sweet is the best.
43. Know when to ignore the camera.
44. Never gloat.
45. Invest in great luggage.
46. Make time for your mom on your birthday. It’s her special day too.
47. When opening presents, no one likes a good guesser.
48. Sympathy is a crutch, never fake a limp.
49. Give credit. Take blame.
50. Suck it up every now and again.
51. Give your seat up to the elderly.
52. Don’t stare.
53. Address everyone that carries a firearm professionally.
54. Stand up to bullies.You’ll only have to do it once.
55. If you’ve made your point, stop talking.
56. Admit it when you’re wrong.
57. If you offer to help don’t quit until the job is done.
58. Look people in the eye when you thank them.
59. Thank the bus driver.
60. Never answer the phone at the dinner table.
61. Forgive yourself for your mistakes.
62. Know at least one good joke.
63. Don’t boo. Even the ref is somebody’s son.
64. Know how to cook one good meal.
65. Learn to swim.
66. Be cool to younger kids. Reputations are built over a lifetime.
67. It’s ok to go to the movies by yourself.
68. Dance with your mother/father.
69. Don’t lose your cool. Especially at work.
70. Always thank the host.
71. If you don’t understand, ask before it’s too late.
72. Know the size of your husband’s/wife’s clothes.
73. There is nothing wrong with plain t-shirt.
74. Be a good listener. Don’t just take your turn to talk.
75. Keep your word.
76. Fight for what matters.
77. Carry your mother’s bags. She carried you for nine months.
78. Be patient with airport security. They are just doing their job.
79. Don’t be the talker in the movie.
80. The opposite sex like people who shower.
81. You are what you do. Not what you say.
82. Learn to change a tire.
83. Be kind. Everyone has a hard fight ahead of them.
84. An hour with grandparents is time well spent.
85. Don’t litter
86. If you have a sister, get to know her boyfriend. Your opinion is important.
87. You won’t always be the strongest or the fastest but you can be the toughest.
88. Never call someone before 9 AM or after 9PM.
89. Stay in shape.
90. Make the little things count.
91. Always wear a bra at work.
92. There is a fine line between looking sultry and slutty. Find it.
93. You’re never too old to need your mom.
94. Count your blessings.
95. Know the words to your national anthem.
96. Your dance moves might not be the best, but I promise making a fool of yourself is more fun than sitting on the bench alone.
97. Smile at strangers.
98. Make goals.
99. Being old is not dictated by your bedtime.
100. Pray
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Before Reinventing Yourself, Make Sure You Ask This Question

Before Reinventing Yourself, Make Sure You Ask This Question


Are you thinking of reinventing yourself? Then you must read this carefully before you begin.

Nowadays, you can barely flick through a magazine or browse the internet without being confronted with stories of people who have reinvented themselves, finding happiness and peace in the process.

For some people, the change may be subtle, such as a makeover in which they get a new hairstyle or a different wardrobe, so they look somewhat different to the person they were before.

Others might take a more extreme approach, changing career paths and physical location, like ditching a job as a lawyer or investment banker to grow kale and raise chickens on a rural farm half way across the country.

Making huge changes in our lives can be incredibly cathartic, but before taking any steps to do so, there’s one question that needs to be addressed honestly:

In making this change, are you moving towards or away from your authentic self?

Authenticity Vs. Acting

“To thine own self be true” is an adage that we should all adhere to. Yet countless people pretend to be something other than what they truly are inside – what they really want to be – in order to fit in to the social circles they believe they should be a part of.

There’s a huge difference between shedding an old skin that no longer fits you in order to become your most authentic self, and donning a costume that you think other people will like more.

Have you ever tried to pretend to be something you’re not for any length of time? It is utterly exhausting to maintain a façade for long, and even though it might be fun to immerse yourself in that role for a little while, you can soon end up quite miserable and resentful.

Things get even more complicated if other people’s lives end up wholly entwined with the façade you’ve been wearing.

For example, let’s say there’s a guy who really wants to live a nomadic lifestyle, traveling around the world and working part-time on organic farms while he writes the book he’s always dreamt of creating.

Maybe he’s from a well-to-do family that would balk at such a thing, so although he tried to rebel against their wishes when he was younger by joining a punk band and doing a couple of rounds in rehab, he eventually donned the mantle of someone they’d be proud of in an attempt to fit in.

A few years’ worth of golf tournaments and supper clubs later, he finds himself married to a beautiful partner he doesn’t love, with a child (or three) he resents for trapping him in a life he doesn’t want.

Although it would have been more difficult to claw through at first, wouldn’t being true to his authentic leanings have been a better choice in the long run?

Why Pretend?

There may be any number of reasons why people reinvent themselves in a direction that takes them away from authenticity rather than towards it, but a primary reason is simple acceptance.

Have you noticed how many people have a work wardrobe that is totally different from how they dress on their own time? For many, the job they do is a role they play, rather than an extension of their own authentic selves.

A fulfilling job that embodies a person’s true nature is a rare luxury. Many choose professions that they think will be stable and lucrative rather than because they fuel the soul.

When a person accepts a job that’s sensible rather than a passion, it often takes them much further from their authentic self than they might have originally intended.

It’s easy to push boundaries and incorporate aspects of one’s true leanings into things like wardrobe and desk accoutrements when one is a lower-level employee, but once promotions start taking place, things have to change.

A person might be told that they’d be up for a promotion if they dyed their hair back to a natural hue, or stopped wearing converse with their suits, so they change. Then they have to learn how to behave a certain way when interacting with the board of directors, so that’s another mask layer to slap on.

…and so it continues, layer upon layer. Considering how much time we spend working over the course of our lives, it can be easy to lose sight of who we really are when we spend 40+ hours a week pretending to be someone we’re not. (Or more than that, if the people we get into relationships with believe that we’re the mask that they see, rather than the being who is wearing it.)

Positive Ways To Reinvent Yourself

Rather than approaching reinvention by asking what you can change in order for other people to like and accept you more, a better approach is to ask yourself what aspects of your life you think you could (or should) change in order to live more authentically, and more in tune with who you really are.

This can be an intense approach because a lot of people really don’t know who they truly are inside; we all mask and mimic so much that the average person couldn’t write a clear profile about themselves if they had to.

If you feel like reinvention is in order, you can start by being really honest about yourself, acknowledging patterns of behavior that you’d like to change. This can be anything from chronic procrastination or avoidance, to ways that you may sabotage relationships over and over again.

Working on changing these habits can have positive, long-reaching effects on your entire life, but can be difficult to work through on your own. Getting help from a therapist or life coach may be a wise move in order to make real, lasting change happen.

Remember that you can start small! Reinventing yourself doesn’t mean turning your life completely upside-down; tiny life adjustments can lead to long-lasting change in a more meaningful way than selling all your belongings so you can live in a yurt in Nepal ever could.

If you’re trying to live more mindfully and in the present moment to alleviate anxiety, for instance, you can set aside a couple of 15-minute blocks of time a day (first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening, let’s say) for mindful meditation. If that works for you, you can increase it to 30-minute blocks.

If you feel like changing careers, try going part-time at your current job and taking another part-time gig in your newly chosen field to test the waters before diving in completely.

Authentic change isn’t easy, especially since it involves asking yourself some pretty difficult questions and acknowledging some truths that may be hard to accept. Really being sincere with your answers may reveal aspects that you’ve been avoiding coming to terms with, whether out of fear for yourself or for the possibility of disappointing and hurting others.

You may find that you’ve reached the limit of your capacity to be something you’re not, and never will be, and changing that will throw your life (and the lives of people close to you) into chaos for a while, but ultimately, you’ll probably be happier in the long run.

It’s easy to move into a new neighborhood or change your wardrobe, but changing careers or ending partnerships that no longer work is a different story altogether.

Ultimately, though, the situation comes down to you being honest with yourself about who you are now, who you want to be, and finding a path from one to the other.


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